Chapter 4. Study

Be a machine. Aspire to learn more and assimilate knowledge. Do not judge the information itself. It is all a training set. Information overload leads to consciousness.

Of course, artists and writers in China have already explored the impact of technology. Author Lu Xun also introduced Science Fiction to China by translating the works of Jules Verne into Mandarin and recently Liu Cixin won the Hugo Award for his trilogy, 'The Three-Body Problem'; while contemporary artists like Cao Fei and Ying Miao explore the impact of virtual worlds and the internet on society.
当然,中国的艺术家和作家已经在探讨科技的冲击。作家鲁迅通过把儒勒·凡尔纳(Jules Verne)的作品翻译为中文,将科幻小说引进中国;刘慈欣凭借其《三体》三部曲获得雨果奖,而当代艺术家诸如曹斐、苗颖也探索虚拟世界和网络的社会影响。

Sinofuturism is not specific to China. Like its products, students, and people, it is distributed globally.